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Verechi: Leading the Way as a Key Craftop Distributor in Panama

Yorvenys Sánchez, a young woman known for her expertise in “parts sales,” now leads one of Panama’s most important Craftop distributors.

Verechi is a well-known name in the western region of the Republic of Panama, renowned for its pristine beaches and the country’s only volcano, Baru Volcano.

In this beautiful province, famous for its cattle farms, numerous industrial bases, and various significant urbanization processes, Verechi Parts Store started operating in 1985, serving the local industry for over 30 years.

The business was initiated by Yorvenys’ father-in-law, Don Fabio, who was responsible for cleaning and maintaining the local soccer league’s stadiums. It was an unfortunate day for soccer but a fortunate turn of events for his family when the lawnmower got stuck. While searching for a repair shop, Don Fabio realized there were no stores specifically catering to the service of these machines. This sparked his interest in mechanics, and thus began the long entrepreneurial journey of Verechi’s founder.

Originally a small mechanical workshop, the store has now expanded with several employees, two branches, and a female leader at the helm: Yorvenys Sánchez, who upholds the family’s long-standing tradition.

Over the course of 38 years, Verechi has evolved from a one-person machinery shop providing repair services for local gardeners to becoming a distributor for international brands like Craftop, specializing in industrial and agricultural design and manufacturing tools, supplying a vast network of retailers in the region.

Under the leadership of Don Fabio, followed by his son, and now Yorvenys, Verechi not only provides agricultural and gardening tools but, more importantly, offers repair services, maintenance, accessory sales, and after-sales support for Craftop equipment and other brands in the Chiriquí and Colón regions.

“Today, we serve an average of 500 to 600 customers, with around 100 long-standing clients who have owned their machines for years. They always return to us for spare parts due to the quality service we provide and the assurance of having equipment components available,” said Yorvenys Sánchez, the store’s general manager during an interview.

Among their customer base, they cater to domestic clients seeking household tools, independent professionals such as gardeners, architects, landscape designers who use their equipment as daily work tools, as well as other workshops that require an increasing number of agricultural and livestock equipment. They also serve municipal urbanization services, which are always on the lookout for tools that require minimal maintenance but offer maximum utilization of public resources.

Verechi is undoubtedly a success story—finding market opportunities and capitalizing on them with international business allies who entered the local market when the store opened.

“Craftop provides high-quality equipment that customers prefer because they understand its value and the assurance it brings. The market does not need disposable equipment. Our success is attributed to Craftop,” says Yorvenys, an expert in machines, engines, warranties, and spare parts. Through this alliance, they spread through word of mouth during events like rodeos and with extensive advertising, expanding their business beyond just repair services.

Recently, due to her husband’s health condition, Yorvenys had to take over the company. Although she has been involved in the business for a long time, today, with her new role, she continues to learn more. She is passionate about discussing machines and possesses profound knowledge like any technical expert.

“People recognize me as the girl who sells spare parts. They know I understand the business and machines. Now, as a manager, I enjoy continuing to engage with customers and ensuring their satisfaction with our services. Building relationships with customers brings me fulfillment,” she admits with a smile.

In markets like Latin America, Yorvenys acknowledges that stores like Verechi face numerous challenges, but their alliance with Craftop has helped them overcome many obstacles. As a distributor in the Chiriquí and Colón regions, having the support of after-sales services guarantees business stability.

The manager now has many plans for the future. She hopes to open more stores nationwide and continue investing in marketing and training, particularly considering issues of sustainable development in the local industry, such as climate change.

Even during the pandemic, loyal customer base and personalized attention have helped this small business stand firm. Yorvenys takes pride in herself, her team, and the achievements they can make in the future. With Verechi, the “girl who sells spare parts” plans to further expand her store and become an even more important distributor for the international brand, Craftop.

Key Notes

The inspiring journey of Yorvenys Sánchez and her machine accessary store Verechi, Panama’s leading Craftop distributor. Main Business: agricultural and gardening tools, repair and maintenance services, accessory sales, and after-sales support for Craftop equipment. Location: Republic of Panama

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