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Unveiling Success: CRAFTOP Exclusive Store Makes a Resounding Impact in Kenya’s Market

The opening of CRAFTOP Exclusive Store showcases our successful win-win endeavors in Kenya, Africa, together with our dear local partners.

Sales Quantity of the First Period:

Over 20 models of CRAFTOP gasoline chainsaws, lawn mowers, and more than 60 CRAFTOP accessories have been sold as soon as the store was open, indicating that CRAFTOP’s high-quality gasoline chainsaws and lawn mowers have garnered enthusiastic reception from customers.

This is a good start which has made a significant impact in the local market, and we believe that the CRAFTOP Exclusive Store will become more and more popular in Kenya. Leys on our wide range wood logging and gardening tools, the store will yield substantial sales revenue in the coming days.

At the CRAFTOP Exclusive Store, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of products to cater to various needs and preferences.

Moreover, we go beyond the core products to provide comprehensive solutions. With over 60 CRAFTOP accessories available, we ensure that our customers have access to the necessary components to enhance the performance and durability of their equipment.

Our success in Kenya exemplifies the unwavering commitment of the CRAFTOP Exclusive Store to deliver exceptional products and services.

Key Notes

The opening of CRAFTOP Exclusive Store in Kenya marks a successful partnership with local distributors. With over 20 models of gasoline chainsaws, lawn mowers, and 60+ accessories sold immediately, our high-quality tools have received a warm response. Offering diverse products and comprehensive solutions, our store aims to become a popular destination. Location: Kenya, Africa Store Type: Exclusive Store

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