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Join Our Global Team

We’re looking for talented individuals from around the world to join our dynamic team. At CRAFTOP we believe that diversity and inclusivity drive innovation and success. Our global team represents a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, making us stronger and more creative.

CRAFTOP is a place where your passion, skills, and ideas can make a real impact on the world. We’re excited to welcome new members to our global family. Join us, and together, we’ll shape a brighter future.

Why Choose CRAFTOP

A brand with History


20+ years of innovation: CRAFTOP revolutionizes agricultural and gardening tools.

CRAFTOP Business Map


65+ countries: CRAFTOP’s popular products are trusted worldwide.

WIN-WIN partnership


100+ agents, have established the WIN-WIN partnership with us. Are you the next one?

Wide Range Product Lines


30+ popular product lines, for pros, semi-pros, and home gardeners.

Large & Stable Capacity


500,000+ annual capacity: stable supplier for agricultural and gardening tools.

Reliable Quality


26+ Certificates, including ISO9001-2000, meet the standards of CE, GS, EURO II, EPA.

Competitive Price


Exclusive agents and VIP distributors will benefit from our competitive pricing mechanism.

Innovative Pacemaker


50+ patents: CRAFTOP’s innovation journey continues with more certificates

Excellent Service


24/7 support: CRAFTOP honors delivery commitments and is always available.

CRAFTOP Milestones


● In the future, CRAFTOP envisions continuously improving product quality, expanding brand awareness, and transforming itself into an international enterprise. Every employee at CRAFTOP will dedicate themselves to the pursuit of these goals, striving diligently to make this vision a reality.


● After 20 years of development, we’ve established win-win collaborations with 100+ partners in 65 countries globally and set up numerous CRAFTOP-owned branches and overseas warehouses in 20 countries.


● Opened up markets in Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, and other South American countries.
● Set up nine overseas branches in South American countries/regions, promoting our own brands and establishing overseas warehouses.
● Opened up Asian markets in the Philippines and Pakistan.


● Opened up Czech and Georgia markets in Europe.
● Entered New Zealand market in Oceanic.
● Expanded markets to Central & South American countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Venezuela, Panama, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.
● Started developing East African markets and entered markets of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania etc.


● Started supplying to Austria and other markets.
● Successfully entered Italy, Norway, Finland markets.
● Established brand outlets in Mudanjiang and Guangzhou to supply consumers in domestic market with tailored professional garden machinery products.


● Started supplying to India, South Korea, markets in Southeast Asia.
● Entered Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Chile markets in South America.
● Successfully developed United Kingdom, Greek, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine markets in Europe and Dubai in Mideast.


● Found in 2003, CRAFTOP is an innovative company passionately focused on revolutionizing the agricultural and gardening tool industry.
● Successfully developed Belarus, Russian markets in Eastern Europe.
● Entered Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam markets in Southeast Asia.
● Expanded African markets in Ghana, South Africa.


Typical Application Scenarios

Built to last, Craftop’s exceptional tools are designed for pros in forests, wildfields, big farms, rural areas and commercial projects.

Handy tools cater to diverse needs: small farms, agriculture, sanitation, furniture & wood processing as well as other commercial uses.

Unleashing the Power of CTAFTOP’s AAA Quality Equipment for Effortless DIY, Landscaping, and home gardening projects.

Case Study & Success Story

Warping up Success: CRAFTOP’s Co-Branding Journey and Win-Win Partnerships

Verechi: Leading the Way as a Key Craftop Distributor in Panama

Unveiling Success: CRAFTOP Exclusive Store Makes a Resounding Impact in Kenya’s Market

Win-Win Partnership Guideline

We at CRAFTOP are excited to invite you to join our esteemed network of partners. As a leading brand in the agricultural & garden tool industry, we believe in fostering win-win partnerships that bring mutual growth and success. By becoming a part of the CRAFTOP family, you can enjoy a range of benefits and support that will help drive your business to new heights.

Competitive Product Line

Marketing Support

Training and Support

After-sales Support

Co-marketing Opportunities

Competitive Pricing and Incentives

Exclusive Territories

Continuous Innovation and Product Development

Our Culture & Social Responsibility


CRAFTOP is a company dedicated to the development and marketing of highly competitive power tools with cutting-edge technology, aimed at becoming a high-performance organization, committed to being an expert and world leader in gardening and agricultural equipment.



Project ourselves globally as leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of power tools, based on being and focused on the fact that the success of our clients is equivalent to ours.




Product quality, affordable price and reliable service.
Honesty and integrity
Hard work and continuous improvement
Respect and encourage individual initiative and creativity.
Corporate social responsibility.



Social Responsibility

As CRAFTOP expands, we are committed to contributing to the local community. Our first initiative, EmpowerHer, aims to support women in need. By establishing networking opportunities and mentorship programs, we strive to empower female leaders and address the challenges they face.