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Welcome to CRAFTOP's Powerful Partnership!

We are a leading multinational company specialized in the manufacture of premium equipment for agriculture and gardening at affordable prices. We are distributed throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, with direct resellers and distributors operated from Canada.

At CRAFTOP, we forge strong alliances with authorized distributors, empowering them to sell our products and provide exceptional post-sale support to their customers. Our goal is to enhance their performance, allowing them to achieve remarkable results with ease. Together, we form an unbeatable team!

La Chorrera, Calle Avenida Las Américas, Local #3. Al Lado del Centro de Servicios Sankey
TP : (507) 349-2838

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For CRAFTOP, client testimonials hold significant importance as they serve as strong evidence of our product quality and service capabilities, attracting a growing community of like-minded individuals eager to collaborate with us.

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

New Business Development Director

Imposur Perú

“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”

General Manager

Yorvenys Sánchez - Verechi Panama

Success Stories from Our Partners

Uncover success stories from our trusted partners, showcasing the potential for growth and prosperity.

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Join us in creating a prosperous future together. Together, we can build a strong and sustainable business partnership that drives success and exceeds customer expectations.