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Q       What is an air blower used for?

When we talk about an “air blower,” the first thing that comes to mind is a work tool that removes leaves from the garden. Although its primary use is cleaning large spaces and parks, it works indoors and even cleans other types of machinery.

Air blowers, also known as leaf blowers, are designed to propel air through a nozzle to cover a larger area and move leaves, grass, branches, dust, etc. These products are ideal for maintaining gardens, large spaces with lots of vegetation, streets, and even patios of houses or offices.

Q       How does a leaf blower work?

The operation of the air blower is straightforward; it is a machine that uses centrifugal force to move any organic waste and garbage.

Q       What do the blowers carry out the activities?

We design our equipment to carry out specific activities; we recommend that you read the user manual before turning on our equipment.

If you have any doubts before turning on the equipment, we ask that you go to your authorized distributor and ask our professionals about the proper use of the machines.

Q       What should be the daily care of the air blowers?

Our air blowers require constant maintenance by users. Below, we show you the processes needed for the machine to obtain the maximum performance of the tool:

• Clean external surfaces regularly.

• Examines rev and throttle trim functions. If any of the parts are damaged, just replace them.

• Check the stop button, and if required, replace it.

• Examine the moderation regime. This should be adjusted with the moderation screw (T) until the motor runs smoothly in all positions.

• Clean the air filter; if it is too dirty, remove it and clean it with soap and water. If it is already too dirty, use a new one.

• Make sure the intake cover can be locked in the closed position and check that the impeller is clean and in top condition.

• Check that all nuts and bolts are in good condition and well secured.

• Periodically register that the air blower casings do not show cracks, damage, or defects.

• If the blower has an integrated bag, ensure it is in optimal condition and appropriately handled.

Q       What should be the weekly care of the air blowers?

Once you have read and understood the daily maintenance processes, we will show you the weekly requirements that our air blowers must have for optimal performance:

• Check the optimum condition of the starter device, the starter rope, and the tension spring.

• Examine the air inlet of the starting mechanism in detail. In most cases, residues affect their operation. If you see debris, clean the area well.

• Clean the external side of the spark plug and check the gap between the electrodes.

• Clean the impeller blades, the carburetor area, and the air filter.

Q       What should be the monthly care of the air blowers?

Our premium tools also require monthly maintenance to optimize their performance and constantly have a review by the user:

• Constantly check the starter rope grip and rope.

• Cleans the fuel tank, carburetor, and propeller blades.

• Record that the state of the fuel pipes does not show cracks or severe damage. Otherwise, replace the affected parts.

• Change the fuel filter in the tank.

• Verify that all cables and connections are working effectively.

• Change the air filter and spark plug.

Q       How do you choose the best air blower?

Air blowers should be chosen according to the required use type. At Craftop, we handle three types of profiles in our premium teams: Domestic, semi-professional, and professional.

We suggest you choose the type of machinery depending on the use that you want to give the tools. Consider the time of use and the material or waste that is commonly cleaned. This is to ensure the best use of the device and that it meets expectations, operation, and energy savings.

Q       What are the differences between air blowers and other brands?

An air blower is a necessary tool that saves us time compared to garden brooms. Also, you can separate organic waste or garbage on the floor with less effort.

At Craftop, we develop electric or gasoline air blowers. We aim to show a wide range of products that adapt to our customer’s needs and have different options for any project or trade.