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5 Reasons Why Craftop is the Ideal Equipment for You

1.Backing of a global brand

We have multinational distribution in countries across Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a presence in dozens of countries through direct commercialization and distributors operated from Canada who distribute our products.

In Latin America, we are present in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Belize, and El Salvador.

Currently, we have around 30,000 points of sale where you can find our equipment in 65 countries around the world.

2.Premium Equipment

We manufacture our equipment with high-quality components, tested to withstand the workloads indicated, according to the user’s profile: Domestic, Semi-Professional, and Professional.

Our equipment meets the most demanding global market standards (CE, GS, EURO II, EPA). Our factory holds ISO 9001-2000 certifications.

Additionally, we provide our customers with a 1-year warranty on all our equipment.

3.Availability of spare parts and accessories

We have a network of specialized distributors that ensure technical support and original spare parts for all our equipment. We are committed to having spare parts available in all our areas of influence.

Furthermore, we offer top-quality safety items to ensure not only high efficiency but also operator safety during work.

4.Competitive prices

Our products adhere to the strictest and most demanding global quality standards. They are built to last even in the most challenging tasks and conditions. In terms of performance, they compete directly with leading brands worldwide. However, at Craftop, we strive to offer our customers products at more affordable and accessible prices without compromising on quality and performance.

5.Broad portfolio and constant innovation

One of our major brand differentiators is the breadth of the different equipment categories we offer.

You can learn more about each of them here:

Li-Battery Powertools(New!)


Brush Cutters

Hedge Trimmer



Water Pumps

Pole Saws

Gas/Electric Engines

Gasoline/Diesel Generators

As manufacturers with a world-class research and development department, we are constantly seeking innovations that provide you with better performance and efficiency in your tasks.

This year, we already have our Power Tools line available!

With Craftop, you can get everything you need for agriculture and gardening equipment in one brand and one place!

Find your official distributor in your area here!

Key Notes

Are you searching for top-notch agricultural and gardening equipment? Look no further! CRAFTOP combines the backing of a global brand, premium quality, spare parts availability, competitive prices, and constant innovation. From chainsaws to power tools, we’ve got you covered. Discover why CRAFTOP is the perfect choice for your needs. Click here to find out more!

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