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Tiered Benefits For Different Partnership Levels

To make an equal and long-term win-win relationship, CRAFTOP classifies the partnership into 3 types: Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal. Below are the tiered benefits you can get from Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals.

CRAFTOP Bronze Medal Partnership

CRAFTOP Silver Medal Partnership

CRAFTOP Gold Medal Partnership

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Testimonials from Satisfied Partners

For CRAFTOP, client testimonials hold significant importance as they serve as strong evidence of our product quality and service capabilities, attracting a growing community of like-minded individuals eager to collaborate with us.

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

New Business Development Director

Imposur Perú

“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”

General Manager

Yorvenys Sánchez - Verechi Panama

Join us in creating a prosperous future together. Together, we can build a strong and sustainable business partnership that drives success and exceeds customer expectations.