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GHT600C Gasoline Hedge Trimmer, Professional Gas-powered Hedge Cutting Tools

CRAFTOP GHT600C gasoline hedge trimmer ensures reliable quality, with over 200 hours of durability and zero quality feedback.
utilizes SKS51 alloy steel blades for sharpness and durability, with double-edged design for efficient shrub trimming.
Our gas hedge trimmer/cutter's effective cutting width is 600mm, with 180° adjustable rotating handle, powerful and easy to operate.


CRAFTOP GHT600C Gasoline Hedge Trimmers is reliable and durable.With a precisely designed casing, top-class magnetic motor, and carburetor, these gas-powered hedge cutting tools ensure exceptional quality. Tested for over 200 hours with zero quality feedback, our gas hedge trimmers are built to deliver outstanding performance.

Our petrol hedge trimmers feature durable SKS51 alloy steel blades, known for their sharpness. The double-edged design enhances efficiency when trimming shrubs, providing precise and professional results. With a 600mm cutting width, our versatile hedge trimmers can handle shrubs, hedges and bushes of various sizes. The 180° adjustable rotating handle allows for easy maneuvering in challenging areas, ensuring comfortable operation.

Maintenance and operation are hassle-free with our hedge trimmers. The convenient top-mounted oiler enables easy lubrication, keeping your hedge trimmer in top condition. Designed for user-friendly operation, our trimmers make hedge cutting tasks a breeze.


Product Name Gasoline Hedge Trimmer
Product Model GHT600C
Engine Model 1E34FGB
Displacement 25.4cc
Power & Relevant Speed 0.75kW/7500rpm
Carburetor Diaphragm
Mixed Fuel Ratio 40:1 Mixed Oil
Fuel Capactity 0.65L
Max Cutting Width 600mm
N.W./G.W. 5.0kg/7.5kg
Packing 1130X260X240mm

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Q       Can I rent a hedge trimmer instead of buying one?
A       Yes, many tool rental stores offer hedge trimmers for rent. This can be a good option if you only need the tool occasionally.
Q       What should I do if my hedge trimmer blades are damaged or dull?
A       You should stop using the tool, disconnect it from the power source, and replace or sharpen the blades as necessary.
Q       Can I use a hedge trimmer in rainy conditions?
A       Using a hedge trimmer in rainy conditions is not recommended due to the risk of slipping and electric shock.
Q       What is the best time to trim hedges with a hedge trimmer?
A       The best time to trim hedges depends on the type of plants you’re cutting, but it’s generally best to do it in the spring or fall when the plant isn’t in total growth.
Q       Can I use a hedge trimmer to trim thick tree limbs?
A       No, a hedge trimmer is primarily designed for trimming smaller hedges and shrubs. A chainsaw or other suitable tool for thick tree limbs would be best.
A       The recommended cutting length varies depending on the type of hedge or shrub you are trimming, but generally, hedge trimmers typically have 16 to 30-inch long blades.
Q       What kind of maintenance does a hedge trimmer need?
A       A hedge trimmer requires regular maintenance, which includes sharpening the blades, cleaning the tool after use, checking and changing the oil or gasoline, and keeping moving parts well-lubricated.
Q       How do you use a hedge trimmer safely?
A       To use a hedge trimmer safely, always follow our package instructions, wear personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves, helmet), and keep hands and feet away from moving blades.
Q       What is the typical lifespan of a brush cutter?
A       The useful life of a brushcutter depends on its use and proper maintenance, but generally, a well-maintained brush cutter can last several years.
Q       What is the difference between an electric hedge trimmer and a gasoline one?
A       An electric hedge trimmer runs on electricity and is lighter and easier to maintain, while a gasoline-powered one offers more power but can be heavier and require additional maintenance.



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Jonathan Blackmore

“This is my NT6210. We are just out of one of the worst storms in living memory here in Ireland. This saw worked for 3 days almost 8 hours a day. My first comment is this saw is very well balanced and constructed. My second comment is it is very economical on fuel. Very happy to recommend this saw to anyone who asks me. Blade is holding its edge very well. Craftop is the Toyota of chainsaws.”

Imposur Perú

New Business Development Director

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

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“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”