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Gasoline Earth Auger NTA520E-10A for Agricultural Drilling and Other Semi-Professional Use

The engine and crankshaft body is made of aluminum alloy material with optimal light weight Machining at CNC center has good accuracy.
The plastic material adopts excellent grade nylon reinforcement, which has good thermal resistance and physical strength.
The ignition system of this machine is set to easy start, which has fast starting speed, easy and labor-saving.
The important power output part gearbox is manufactured with high precision and strict tolerance control, the service life can reach more than 200 hours.
All machines are accurately tested and adjusted to ensure that the engine works stably under suitable fuel consumption and temperature, and ensures that it will not stop at high temperature or be difficult to start under long-term high-speed operation.


The Craftop NTA520E-10A agricultural auger is equipped with a 51.7cc gasoline engine. This gasoline auger is used for a wide variety of drilling tasks, including tree planting, road construction, fence post setting, etc. It has an easy-to-use ergonomic design. We designed its handle to work with one or two operators, with a low-vibration frame and stop button control with user safety in mind. It can accommodate bits 34″ or 36″ in length with 8″ to 12″ diameters. Auger bits can be easily replaced without tools thanks to their quick connector.


Package dimension 540 x 385 x 285 (21.3 x 15.2 x 11.2 inch)
815 x 265 x 280 (32.1 x 10.4 x 11 inch)
Gross weight 17.4 kg (38 lbs)
Net weight 16 kg (35 lbs)
Application type Heavy-duty
Displacement 51.7 cc
Engine power 1.5 kW / 7800 rpm
Fuel Mixed gasoline and two-stroke air-cooled engine oil with a ratio 40:1
Fuel capacity 750 ml
Starter type Easy start
Clutch type Centrifugal
Drilling gear type Spur gear
Maximum spindle speed 350 rpm
Recommended drill size 6”, 8”, 10”


(1x) Power unit
(1x) Tool bag
(1x) Warranty Card
(1x) Owner’s Manual
(1x) Two-hole fuel mixing bottle
(1x) Socket wrench 17×19
(1x) Open-end wrench 8-10
(1x) Torx key (4mm) lengthened
(1x) Hex wrench (5mm) lengthened
(1x) Dual-purpose screwdriver
(1x) Drill bit 8″ or 10″ (choose either of them)

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Q       Where can I buy spare parts for my auger?
A       You can buy spare parts for your auger with our distributors. Be sure to provide your auger’s model and serial number to obtain the correct parts.
Q       What is the drilling capacity of an auger?
A        The drilling capacity of an auger varies by model and brand, but they can generally drill holes of various diameters and depths, from a few centimeters to several meters.
Q       What is the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke auger?
A       Two-stroke augers require oil and gasoline in the fuel tank, while four-strokes use gasoline without an oil mixture. Four-strokes tend to be more fuel-efficient and emit less smoke.
Q       How do you keep an auger in good condition?
A       To keep an auger in good condition, you must: ● Regularly clean the bit to prevent dirt buildup. ● Check and adjust drive chain tension. ● Change the oil and spark plug according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. ● Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys if necessary.
Q       What are the key parts of a motorized auger?
A       The key elements of a power auger include the motor, grip handle, throttle trigger, bit or auger, and the gearbox that transmits power from the engine to the bit.
Q       What safety precautions should I take when using an auger?
A       When using an auger, it is essential to follow these precautions: ● Wear personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses and a hard hat. ● Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. ● Keep hands and feet away from the operating bit. ● Avoid drilling near buried utility lines.
Q       What types of augers are there?
A       There are two main types of augers: hand-held and motorized. Hand-held augers are manually operated, while motorized ones use a gasoline or electric motor to facilitate drilling.
Q       What is the primary use of an auger?
A        Augers are primarily used to dig holes in the ground, making them ideal for installing posts, fences, signs, trees, and columns, among other construction and landscaping applications.
Q       What is an auger?
A       An earth auger is a powered tool designed to drill holes in the ground efficiently. It is equipped with a rotary bit that makes digging holes of different sizes and depths easy.



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Jonathan Blackmore

“This is my NT6210. We are just out of one of the worst storms in living memory here in Ireland. This saw worked for 3 days almost 8 hours a day. My first comment is this saw is very well balanced and constructed. My second comment is it is very economical on fuel. Very happy to recommend this saw to anyone who asks me. Blade is holding its edge very well. Craftop is the Toyota of chainsaws.”

Imposur Perú

New Business Development Director

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

Yorvenys Sánchez - Verechi Panama

General Manager

“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”