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Lawn Mower GLM18-CT139-H

Harness the power of a low-emission LONCIN gasoline engine for efficient and reliable performance
Wide 18"" (460mm) mowing width with 8-position height adjustment (20-80mm) and a spacious 60L grass collection volume
Enjoy enhanced convenience with foldable quick-release reinforced armrests and anti-slip rubberized handles
Sturdy and durable reinforced steel chassis with a sleek fluid design
Maneuver effortlessly with front 7"" plastic wheel and rear 8"" plastic wheel featuring high-quality metal bearing bushing.


1. Powerful, efficient, reliable, low-emission LONCIN gasoline engine power

2. 18″” (460mm) mowing width, 8-position adjustment, 20-80mm mowing height adjustment, 60L grass collection volume

3. Foldable quick-release reinforced armrests, anti-slip rubberized handles’

4. Reinforced and thickened steel chassis with scientific fluid design

5. Front 7″” plastic wheel and rear 8″” plastic wheel, high quality metal bearing bushing


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NEWTOP Model# GLM18-CT139-H
Item Description 18″ Hand Push GasolienLawn Mower
Engine manufacturer brand LONCIN
Engine model LC1P65FE
Power (hp/rpm) 4.0hp/3600rpm
Displacement(cc) 139cc
Deck material (aluminum/steel/stainles steel/plastic) Steel
Drive method (self-propelled/push) Hand push
Cutting width (inch/mm) 18″/460mm
Centralized height adjustment (√/─)
Cutting height, min – max (mm) 20~80mm
Cutting height steps 8 Position
Catcher material (plastic/fabric/mix) Fabric
Catcher capacity (L) 60L
Wheel front size (inch) 7″
Wheel rear size (inch) 8″
Wheels material Plastic
Weight (kg) 31kg
Box size (mm) 770×535×435mm
Box Weight (kg) 35kg
Units Container 20/40/40HQ (PCS) 154/320/375pcs

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Q       How do I choose the correct power tool for my project?
A       Consider the type of project, the materials you will be working with, and the tasks you will need to perform. Do your research beforehand on the correct power tool for the job, considering factors such as power, speed, accessories, and user reviews.
Q       What is the difference between a brush cutter and a lawn mower?
A       The main difference is that a brushcutter is designed to cut taller, denser vegetation, while a lawn mower is used to cut grass evenly. Brushcutters are usually more powerful and can handle more challenging terrain.
Q       When should I use a brush cutter instead of a lawn mower?
A       It would be best to use a brushcutter when dealing with dense vegetation, tall brush, brush, or uneven ground that a lawn mower cannot handle effectively.



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Jonathan Blackmore

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