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NT3760 Chainsaw for Domestic Use with 16” / 40.0 CM Bar Length

Flip-up fuel cap makes it easy to open, tool-free disassembly saves time and effort.
It features compact structure and light weight design, complete spring shock absorption with good shock absorption performance.
The plastic material adopts excellent grade nylon reinforcement, which has good thermal resistance and physical strength.
The engine provides maximum power at 9000rpm, and the output power is matched at high speed to improve work efficiency.
The brake system is responsive and reliable, and meets the requirements for safety control. The whole machine meets the European CE standard.
All machines are accurately tested and adjusted to ensure that the engine works stably under suitable fuel consumption and temperature, and ensures that it will not stop at high temperature or be difficult to start under long-term high-speed operation.


The Craftop NT3760 gasoline chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine that generates a displacement of 36.3 cc. It is a handheld chainsaw with great power, ideal for cutting vegetation with little effort and in a short time. This gasoline chainsaw has a 16” long bar. It is light, comfortable, and productive. It has an advanced design that meets maximum ergonomics and comfort requirements. In addition, the chainsaw parts are decorated with first-class details, such as a fuel level window and folding tank caps. All these attributes make it the best in its class.


Product Name Chain saw
Model Name NT3760
Package dimension 440 x 260 x 305 mm
Gross weight 5.4 kg
Net weight (without bar and chain) 4.4 kg
Application type Home & Gardening Use
Displacement 36.3 cc
Engine power 1.4 kw / 1.9 hp @ 8500 rpm
Fuel Mixed gasoline and two-stroke air-cooled engine oil with a ratio 40:1
Fuel capacity 350 ml
Chain oil capacity 200 ml
Recommended guide bar length 16”
Pitch 0.325”
Gauge 0.058”


  • (1x) Power unit
  • (1x) Tool bag
  • (1x) Saw chain (0.325”, 0.058”, 66DL)
  • (1x) 16-inch laminated guide bar
  • (1x) 16-inch guide bar guard
  • (1x) Warranty card
  • (1x) Owner’s manual
  • (1x) Two-hole fuel mixing bottle
  • (1x) File (Ø4.8)
  • (1x) Socket wrench 13×19
  • (1x) T25 wrench
  • (1x) Two-inch flathead screwdriver
  • (1x) Spike bumper
  • (2x) Screw ST5.5×13

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Q       When do I need to sharpen the blade of the chainsaw of my pole pruner?
A       You won’t be able to easily cut the branches with a dull chain. To get the pole saw to cut, you’ll need to apply some force. That is a sign that the chain needs to be sharpened. Additionally, you can determine this by examining the leftovers from a cutting operation. The chain needs to be sharpened if it is primarily formed of sawdust. Coarse chips will fall away as a result of a sharp chainsaw’s excellent cutting performance. The chain can be sharpened if it is dull. However, you might need to replace it if it was harmed by coming into contact with rocks or other debris.
Q       What should I consider when buying a chainsaw?
A       When buying a chainsaw, consider your work, the power required, battery life, budget, and the brand’s warranty.
Q       Do I need training to use a chainsaw?
A       Training is recommended before using a chainsaw, especially if you are a beginner. You can find videos on safety and training in handling chainsaws on our website
Q       What is the typical life of a chainsaw?
A       The useful life of a chainsaw depends on its use and maintenance. With proper care, a good quality chainsaw can last for many years. However, the chain and cutter bar can wear out over time and need periodic replacement.
Q       How much does a chainsaw cost?
A       The price of a chainsaw can vary widely depending on the brand, type, and features. Electric chainsaws are usually more affordable than gasoline ones.
Q       What is essential safety when using a chainsaw?
A       Safety is essential when using a chainsaw. You must wear personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, a hard hat, gloves, and safety boots. Also, it is crucial to learn how to handle the chainsaw properly and follow the safety guidelines on the packaging.
Q       How do you maintain a chainsaw?
A       Maintenance includes regular chain and bar cleaning, chain lubrication, air filter replacement, and engine maintenance. You should also make sure that the chain is sharp.
Q       What are the types of chainsaws available?
A       There are several chainsaws, including electric (corded or battery), gasoline, and manual. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.
Q       What are chainsaws used for?
A       Chainsaws are used primarily for felling trees, cutting logs and branches, clearing wooded areas, and landscaping and construction work.
Q       What is a chainsaw?
A       A chainsaw is a powered tool that cuts wood and other materials through a rotating chain with sharp teeth.



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Jonathan Blackmore

“This is my NT6210. We are just out of one of the worst storms in living memory here in Ireland. This saw worked for 3 days almost 8 hours a day. My first comment is this saw is very well balanced and constructed. My second comment is it is very economical on fuel. Very happy to recommend this saw to anyone who asks me. Blade is holding its edge very well. Craftop is the Toyota of chainsaws.”

Imposur Perú

New Business Development Director

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

Yorvenys Sánchez - Verechi Panama

General Manager

“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”