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NTB143 Brush Cutter Parts

Craftop NTB143 spare part replacements feature durable and high-quality components for H143 serie gas brush cutter.
The engine and crankshaft body of the weed whacker is crafted by CNC machining process and guarantees accurate results.
Made from top-grade nylon reinforcement, the grass cutter's plastic parts provide excellent thermal resistance and strength.
With our Easy-Start ignition system, you can save time and effort as the brush cutter starts within minutes.
The U-shaped handlebar, designed for ergonomic comfort, can be easily rotated 90° for convenient retraction.
The gearbox, manufactured with high precision and strict tolerance control, ensures a service life of over 200 hours.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A10 Flywheel
A11+20 Oil Seal
A13+19 Crankcase
A18 Crankshaft
A22 Pulley Assy
A23 Starter Assy
A26 Ignition Coil
A32 Muffler
A37+39+41+42 Pitson Assy
A40 Needle Bearing
A44 Cylinder
A45 Spark Plug
A53 Intake Boot
A56 Carburetor
A64 Fuel Tank FULE TANK
B1 Gear Housing
B5 Oil Bearing
B10+11 Handle Assy
B12 Connection Assy

Other Spare Parts

A ENGINE PART A-46 Flange Face Hexagon Socket Screws
A-1 Shoe Block Bolt A-47 Cylinder Cover
A-2 Wave Gasket A-48 Cross Spherical Screws Come With Flat Pads
A-3 Hoof Block Assembly A-49 Cylinder Top Cover
A-4 Flat Gasket A-50 Cross Spherical Screws Come With Flat Pads
A-5 Socket Head Cap Screws A-51 Cylinder Cover Block
A-6 Side Cover A-52 Carburetor Seat Gasket
A-7 Split Positioning Pin A-53 Carburetor Seat
A-8 Baffle A-54 Hexagon Socket Combination Screws
A-9 Flange Surface Self-Locking Nut A-55 Gasket,Carburetor
A-10 Magnetic Flywheel A-56 Carburetor
A-11 Oil Seal A-56-1 Dust Cover
A-12 Elastic Retaining Ring For Hole A-57 Air Filter Seat Assembly
A-13 Large Crankcase A-58 Socket Head Cap Screws
A-14 Split Positioning Pin A-59 Anti-Spray Plate
A-15 Gasket,Crankcase A-60 Air Filter Cotton
A-16 Ball Bearing A-60-1 Sponge Filter
A-17 Woodruff Key A-61 Air Filter Cover
A-18 Crankshaft Assembly A-61-1 Locking Knob
A-19 Small Crankcase A-62 Socket Head Cap Screws
A-20 Oil Seal A-63 Baffle
A-21 Socket Head Cap Screws A-64 Fuel Tank Assy
A-22 Dial A-65 Fuel Tank Protective Seat
A-23 Launcher A-66 Socket Head Cap Screws
A-24 Cross Spherical Screws Come With Flat Pads B ROD PART
A-25 Flameout Line Components B-1 Gearbox/Working Head Assembly
A-26 Ignition Coil B-2 Socket Head Cap Screws
A-27 Copper Flat Pad B-3 Socket Head Cap Screws
A-28 Socket Head Cap Screws B-4 Fixing Seat Assembly
A-29 Socket Head Cap Screws B-5 Oil Bearings
A-30 Copper Flat Pad B-6 Aluminum Tube
A-31 Socket Head Cap Screws B-7 Buckle
A-32 Muffler B-8 Leather Sheath
A-33 Muffler Graphite Gasket B-9 Transmission Shaft
A-34 Muffler Aluminum Gasket B-10 Right Hand Handle Assembly
A-35 Socket Head Cap Screws B-11 Left Hand Handle Assembly
A-36 Muffler Baffle B-12 Clutch Disc Assembly/Output Seat
A-37 G Type Circlip Other Replacement Parts
A-38 Anti-Wear Pads Grass Cover
A-39 Piston Pin Grass Cover Pressure Plate
A-40 Needle Roller Bearings Straight Blade
A-41 Piston Strap
A-42 Piston Rings Proportioning Kettle
A-43 Gasket,Cylinder Funnel
A-44 Cylinder Big Tie
A-45 Spark Plug

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