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NT5260 Chainsaw Parts

All the key elements of household gasoline chainsaw NT5260 are sourced from first-class suppliers of high-quality spare parts;
Engine and crankshaft body meticulously machined from lightweight aluminum-alloy material;
Plastic spare parts reinforced with top-grade nylon for exceptional thermal resistance and physical strength;
20” / 50.8 CM chainsaw guide bar crafted from durable and wear-resistant alloy steel;
Premium Germany standard saw chain (0.325'' pitch and 0.058'' gauge) with remarkable flexibility and sharpness;
Responsive and dependable chain saw brake system compliant with the rigorous European CE standard;
Transparent fuel indicator for effortless monitoring of fuel levels;
Convenient flip-up fuel cap that opens smoothly and securely fastens;
Ergonomically designed grip holster for enhanced friction and a secure grasp;
Innovative shock absorption dampers for minimized vibrations and enhanced comfort during wood cutting tasks.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A1 A17 Left Box/Right Box
A-6 Packing Paper Pad
B-1 B-5 B-10 B-11 Cylinder Assy
B-3 Crankshaft
C1-4 Silencer (double hole)
C2-4 C2-10 C2-17 Chain Saw Fuel Tank Assy
D-3 Flywheel
D-10 Spark Plug
D-12 Ignition Assembly
D-17 D-27 Oil Pump Assy
D-25 Passive Disk
D-27 Clutch
D-28 Sprocket
E-14 Trigger Control Arm
F-5 Cylinder Cover
F-9 Carburetor
G1 Starter Assembly
H Brake Assembly
F-17 Wire Mesh Air Filter
Chainsaw Chain
Chainsaw Guide Bar

Other Spare Parts

A.  Box Assembly E.  Handlebar and Shock Absorption System
Code Part Name Code Part Name
A-1 Left Box E-1 Handle
A-2 Left Oil Seal E-2 Screw
A-3 Left Box Shock Absorber E-3 Screw
A-4 Hole Retaining Ring E-4 Tower Spring Gland
A-5 Bearing E-5 Conical Tower Spring
A-6 Packing Paper Pad E-6 Tower Spring Seat
A-7 Pipe Joint E-7 Shock Absorber Seat (Short)
A-8 Double Needle Shock Absorber E-8 Dust Cover
A-9 Right Oil Seal E-9 Shock Absorber Spring (Short)
A-10 Screw E-10 Screw
A-11 Oil Outlet Cover E-11 Shock Absorbing Seat (Long)
A-12 Oil Outlet Cover Gasket E-12 Shock Absorber Spring (Long)
A-13 Chain Adjuster E-13 Rear Handle Cover
A-14 Stud A E-14 trigger Control Arm
A-15 Screw E-15 Throttle Push Rod
A-16 Chainsaw Bumper Spikes E-16 Dustproof Rubber Block
A-17 Right Box E-17 Wind Resistance Tie Rod Shock Absorber
A-18 Cylindrical Pin E-18 Fuel Tank Cap Assembly
A-19 Oil Inlet Pipe Circlip E-19 Fuel Tank Cap Gasket
A-20 Insulation Sleeve E-20 Oil Bottle Cap Lanyard
A-21 Spring Sleeve E-21 Hook Up
A-22 Negative Pressure Oil Pipe E-22 Screw
A-23 Screw E-23 Socket Wrench
A-24 Oil Tank Cap Assembly F.  Air filter and outer cover
A-25 Oil Tank Cap Gasket Code Part Name
A-26 Hook Up F-1 Upper Cover Knob
A-27 Oil Bottle Cap Lanyard F-2 Lock Nut Gasket
A-28 Oil Seal Pressure Plate F-3 Upper Cover
A-29 Screw F-4 Fuel Tank Cap Pin
A-30 Sponge F-5 Cylinder Cover
A-31 Intake Valve Circlip F-6 Screw
A-32 Breather Valve F-7 Screw
B.  Crankshaft Piston Cylinder Assembly F-8 High Voltage Line Sealing Sheet
Code Part Name F-9 Carburetor (Linked, With Oil Bubble)
B-1 Small Head Needle Roller Bearing F-10 Air Filter Seat
B-2 Half Round Key F-11 Buffer Block
B-3 Crankshaft F-12 Screw
B-4 Small Head Anti-Friction Pad F-13 Damper Lever
B-5 NT52 piston group F-14 Open Rubber Gasket
B-6 Piston Pin Circlip F-15 Paper Air Filter
B-7 Piston F-16 Air Filter Compression Ring
B-8 Piston Pin F-17 Wire Mesh Air Filter
B-9 Piston Rings F-18 Air Filter Seat
B-10 Cylinder Gasket G1.  Starter Assembly
B-11 Cylinder Code Part Name
B-12 Screw G1 Starter Assembly
C1.  Intake and Exhaust System G1-1 Starter Cover
Code Part Name G1-2 Drawstring
C1-1 Screw G1-3 Noose
C1-2 Nut G1-4 Start The Handle
C1-3 Double Hole Silencer Pressure Plate G1-5 Flat Pad
C1-4 Silencer (Double Hole) G1-6 Handle Plug
C1-5 Muffler Gasket G1-7 Return Coil Spring (With Box)
C1-6 Bolt G1-8 Rope Pulley
C1-7 Intake Pipe Paper Gasket G1-9 Flat Pad
C1-8 Intake Pipe G1-10 Screw
C1-9 Screw G1-11 Screw
C1-10 Intake Pipe Bracket G2.   Easy Starter Assembly
C1-11 Thermal Paper Pad Code Part Name
C1-12 Flange G2 Easy Starter Assembly
C1-13 Intake Pipe Liner G2-1 Starter Cover (Easy Start)
C1-14 Lower Potholder G2-2 Drawstring
C1-15 G2-3 Noose
C2.  Fuel Tank Components G2-4 Start The Handle
Code Part Name G2-5 Flat Pad
C2-1 Cylindrical Pin G2-6 Handle Plug
C2-2 Throttle trigger G2-7 Return Coil Spring
C2-3 trigger Torsion Spring G2-8 Rope Pulley
C2-4 Chain Saw Fuel Tank G2-9 Buffer Spring
C2-5 Balancer G2-10 Start The Cover
C2-6 Balancer Tube G2-11 Flat Pad
C2-7 Fuel Pipe G2-12 Screw
C2-8 Fuel Pipe Circlip G2-13 Air Deflector
C2-9 Double Headed Pin G2-14 Screw
C2-10 Fuel Filter H.  Brake Assembly
C2-11 Wrench Fixing Rubber Block (Front) Code Part Name
C2-12 Rubber Block (Rear) H Brake Assembly
C2-13 Screw H-1 Front Fender
C2-14 Oil Injector H-2 Front Fender Pin
C2-15 Oil Injector Gasket H-3 Open Retaining Ring
C2-16 Oil Injector Return Pipe H-4 Baffle Pin Sleeve
C2-17 Negative Pressure Oil Pipe H-5 Main And Auxiliary Lever Assembly
D.  Ignition system, pump oil and clutch components H-6 Nut
Code Part Name H-7 Right Cover
D-1 Nut H-8 Brake Spring
D-2 Disc Spring Pad H-9 Brake Auxiliary Spring
D-3 Flywheel H-10 Brake Lever
D-4 Flywheel Pawl Screw H-11 Brake Band
D-5 Iron Claw H-12 Cylindrical Pin
D-6 Paw Torsion Spring H-13 Brake Cover
D-7 Kill Switch H-14 Screw
D-8 Flameout Line H-15 Tension Driven Gear
D-9 Screw H-16 Guide Plate Adjusting Nut
D-10 Spark Plug H-17 Tension Drive Gear
D-11 Ignition Wire Sheath H-18 Chain Guide Block
D-12 Ignition Assembly H-19 Tensioner Cover
D-13 Screw H-20 Screw
D-14 Oil Inlet Pipe H-21 Chipboard
D-15 Oil Pipe Expansion Sleeve H-22 Open Retaining Ring
D-16 Fuel Injector H-23 Limit Plate
D-17 Oil Pump Cover H-24 Limit Pin
D-18 Screw H-25 Brake Torsion Spring
D-19 Worm H-26 Flat Pad
D-20 Screw H-27 Open Retaining Ring
D-21 Oil Pump H-28 Rubber Gasket
D-22 Sponge
D-23 Oil Filter Assembly
D-24 Needle Roller Bearings
D-25 Passive Disk
D-26 Clutch Gasket
D-27 Clutch
D-28 Sprocket
D-29 Passive Disk

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