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NT3760 Chainsaw Parts

Sourced from first-class suppliers, all the core spare parts of gasoline chainsaw NT3760 are of same quality but more cost-effective than that of tier-1 chainsaw machine brands.
Cutting-edge CrNiMo technology empowers the razor-sharp CRAFTOP saw chain blades, offering remarkable flexibility and wear-resistance to prevent skip and breakage. Crafted at 0.325'' pitch and 0.058'' gauge, CRAFTOP saw teeth are of variety of blade types for diverse applications like timber logging in forest, lumber cutting and milling.
The guide bar length of chainsaw NT3760 is 20 inch (50.8 cm), boasts a head reinforced with special alloy-steel and undergoes a complex welding process to achieve exceptional hardness, effectively guarding against head-breakage.
Compliant with European CE standard, the brack system of CRAFTOP's chainsaw is responsive and dependable.
Innovative shock absorption dampers for minimized vibrations and maximized comfort when cutting wood.
Transparent fuel indicator for easy monitoring of fuel levels, with a convenient and secure half-flap fuel tank cap.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A1 A2 Cylinder
A13 Crankshaft
A16 Engine Pan
B1 Crankcase
B4 Oil Pump
C2 Muffler
C6 Seat Carburator
C7 Gasket Carburetor
C8 Carburetor
C13 Air Filter
C17 Flywheel
C18 Ignition Coil
C26 Clutch Drum
C28 Clutch
D1 Fuel Tank
D4 Throttle Trigger
E5 Cylinder Cover
F E-Starter Assy
F9 Rewind Spring
G Brake Assy

Other Spare Parts

CODE Part Name CODE Part Name
A-1 Cylinder D-7 Cap, Damping Spring
A-2 Piston Assy D-8 Screw
A-3 Piston Rings D-9 Damping Spring
A-4 Piston Pin D-10 Breather
A-5 Piston D-11 Cap, Breather
A-6 Circlip, Piston Pin D-12 Fuel Filter
A-7 Needle Bearing, Piston D-13 Fuel Filler Cap Assy
A-8 Thrust Washer, Piston D-14 Gasket, Fuel Tank Cap
A-9 Oil Seal, S D-15 Fuel Tank Cap Lanyard
A-10 Circlip D-16 Hook
A-11 Ball Bearing E-1 Screw
A-12 Woodruff Key E-2 Buffer, Handle
A-13 Crankshaft E-3 Handle
A-14 Oil Seal,L E-4 Screw
A-15 Worm E-5 Cylinder Cover
A-16 Engine Pan E-6 Adjusting Block
A-17 Bolt, Cylinder E-7 Grommet, Throttle rod
B-1 Crankcase E-8 Throttle Rod
B-2 Side Cover, Crankcase E-9 Handle Cover
B-3 Bolt, Side Cover E-10 Control Arm, trigger
B-4 Oil Pump E-11 Rod, Choke
B-5 Cover, Oil Pump E-12 Grommet, Choke rod
B-6 Screw, Oil Pump E-13 Stud Bolt
B-7 Plate, Guide E-14 Washer
B-8 Screw E-15 Pin
B-9 Oil Guide Block E-16 Engine Cover
B-10 Oil Filter E-17 Washer
B-11 Breather Valve E-18 Knob
B-12 Collar Bolt F1 E-Starter Assy
B-13 Screw F1-1 Cover, Starter
B-14 Bumper Spikes F1-2 Guide, Rope
B-15 Screw F1-3 Rope
B-16 Chain Bumper strip F1-4 Grip, Starter
B-17 Oil Tank Cap Assy F1-5 Plate Washer
B-18 Gasket, Oil Tank Cap F1-6 Grip Plug
B-19 Oil Tank Cap Lanyard F1-7 Screw
B-20 Hook F1-8 Screw
B-21 Bushing F1-9 Rewind Spring
B-22 Bolt F1-10 Pulley
C-1 Bolt, Muffler F1-11 Plate Washer
C-2 Muffler F1-12 Screw
C-3 Gasket, Muffler F1-13 Torsion Spring, Starter
C-4 Manifold F1-14 Ratchet
C-5 Pipe F1-15 Screw, Ratchet
C-6 Seat, Carburator F1-16 Fan Cover
C-7 Gasket, Carburetor F2 Starter Assy
C-8 Carburetor F2-1 Cover,Starter
C-9 Stud Bolt G Brake Assy
C-10 Housing, Air Filter G-1 Lever,Brake
C-11 Nut G-2 Pin
C-12 Screw, Air Filter G-3 Pin, Brake Cover
C-13 Air Filter G-4 Circlip 4
C-14 Seal, Carburator Seat G-5 Circlip 4
C-15 Screw G-6 Torsion Spring, Brake
C-16 Nut, Flywheel G-7 Brake Cover
C-17 Flywheel G-8 Screw
C-18 Ignition Coil G-9 Rivet
C-19 Screw, Ignition Coil G-10 Lever Assy
C-20 Boost Air Hose G-11 Pin
C-21 Seal, Plug Cap G-12 Pin
C-22 ON/OFF Switch G-13 Stoper, Brake
C-23 Spark Plug G-14 Brake Spring
C-24 Washer G-15 Brake Band
C-25 Needle Bearings, Clutch G-16 Brake Cover
C-26 Clutch Drum G-17 Screw
C-27 Thust Washer, Clutch G-18 Spur Gear
C-28 Clutch G-19 Tensioner Slide
D-1 Fuel Tank G-20 Chain Adjusting Screw
D-2 Torsion Spring G-21 Guide Plate
D-3 Pin, trigger G-22 Screw
D-4 Throttle trigger G-23 Screw
D-5 Buffer G-24 Nut
D-6 Fuel Pipe

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