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268 Chainsaw Parts

Sourced from top-tier suppliers, CRAFTOP 268 series chainsaw spare parts are of exceptional quality on par with world-class chainsaw brands.
1. Crankcase, after strictly blank select, precisly CNC finishing, and 1:1 original restoration, quality guaranteed.
2. Cylinder, with advanced production technology and strict quality control, both ceramic-plating and chrome-plating available, meet with different cutomer requirements.
3. Piston, top supplying marterials, and same piston ring selection as famous brand, make stable condition and assure fast moving in the market.
4. Carburetor, share the same prodution technology and working procedure as Walbro, quality guaranteed and price competitive.
5. Crankshaft, 20CrMoTi alloy steel crankshaft, treated with advanced heat treatment techniques, surpasses market standards in strength and toughness.
6. Exceptionally sharp and durable saw chain, made from advanced German materials and backed by over 20 years of production experience. Compatible with various professional chainsaws.
7. High-quality chainsaw bar, manufactured to stringent standards similar to original Husq bar. Unparalleled hardness and resistance to head-breakage. CRAFTOP's bar nose is highly popular in East African countries.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A1 Crankcase Assy
A2 Oil Seal
A13 Crankshaft Assy
A15 Piston Assy 268
A15 Piston Assy 272
Air Filter
B7 Muffler
B17 Carburetor
C2 Flywheel
C10 Spark Plug
Clutch Drum Assy
D1 Starter Case Assy 268
D1-5 Recoil Spring
E2-2 Mounting Big and Small Size
E4 Fuel Filter Assy
E4 Fuel Filter Assy
E4 Fuel Filter Assy
Gasket Combo
H1 Brake Assembly
K2 Nose Bearing
K2 Nose Bearing
K5 Saw File
K8 Conrod
K12 Cylinder Kit 268
K12 Cylinder Kit 272

Other Spare Parts

A-1 Oil Seal, Exposed Frame E-8 Dirt-Proof Cover
A-2 Crankcase L E-9 Choke Rod Sleeve
A-3 Bearing E-10 Chroke Rod
A-4 Crankcase Gasket E-11 Chroke rod Spring
A-5 Bar Bolt E-12 Fuel Hose Dirt-Proof Cover
A-6 Cylindrical Pin E-13 Fuel Pipe Circlip
A-7 Crankcase R F-1 Cylinder Cover  Assy
A-8 Screw F-1.1 Cylinder Cover (with hole)
A-9 Spring Pad F-1.2 Breather Tube, Cylinder Cover
A-10 Screw F-1.3 Screw
A-11 Screw F-1.4 Rubber Plug, Cylinder Cover
A-12 Crankshaft F-2 Screw
A-13 Needle Bearing, Piston F-3 Handle
A-14 Circlip,Piston Pin F-4 Screw
A-15 Piston Pin G-1 Oil Tank Cap Assy
A-16 Piston G-2 Ventilation Valve for oil tank
A-17 Piston Rings G-3 Breathable Filter Element
B-1 Screw G-4 Oil Filter Assy
B-2 Muffler Support G-5 Oil Inlet Pipe
B-3 Screw G-6 Oil Pump Assy
B-4 Muffler G-6.1 Oil Pump Body
B-5 Gasket, Muffler G-6.2 O-ring
B-6 Cylinder Gasket G-6.3 Oil Seal, Oil Pump
B-7 Cylinder G-6.4 Worm Gear
B-8 Decompression valve G-6.5 Worm Gear Spring
B-9 Buffer, Upper Cover G-6.6 Anti-wear Washer
B-10 Screw G-6.7 Plunger
B-11 Inlet Pipe Gasket G-6.8 Screw
B-12 Inlet Pipe Rubber Sleeve G-6.9 Sealing Steel Balls
B-13 Inlet Pipe G-6.1 Elastic Pin
B-14 Carburetor  Gasket G-6.11 O-ring
B-15 Carburetor G-6.12 Pin
B-16 Intake Elbow Pipe G-6.13 Screw
B-17 Screw, Carburetor G-6.14 Positioning Spring
B-18 Washer G-6.15 Gear adjustment shaft
B-19 Screw,Ignition Coil G-6.16 Positioning plate
B-20 Housing, Air Filter G-6.17 circlip 3
B-21 Screw G-6.18 Flat Washer
B-22 Air Filter Assy G-7 Screw
B-22.1 Air Filter Seat G-8 Worm Gasket
B-22.2 Sealing Strip, Air Filter G-9 Worm (plastic)
B-22.3 Spring Clasp G-10 Worm
B-22.4 Air Filter G-11 Cover,Oil Pump
B-22.5 Cover, Air Filter G-12 Clutch Needle Bearing
B-23 Screw G-13 Sprocket
C-1 Nut G-14 Clutch Drum (Rim Type)
C-2 Flywheel G-15 Clutch Assy
C-3 Screw G-16 Cable tie
C-4 Spring washer H-1 Brake Assembly
C-5 Flat Washer H-1.1 Braje lever
C-6 Ignition Coil H-1.2 Pin
C-7 ON/OFF Switch H-1.3 Right Pin Sleeve, Brake handle
C-8 Screw H-1.4 Torsion Spring, Brake
C-9 Spark Plug H-1.5 Circlip 4
D-1 Starter Assembly H-1.6 Left Pin Sleeve, Brake handle
D-1.1 Cover,Starter H-1.7 Screw
D-1.2 Starter Rope H-1.8 Brake Pad
D-1.3 Grip,Starter H-1.9 Chain Guide Block
D-1.4 Pulley H-1.10 Brake Cover
D-1.5 Flat washer H-1.11 Pin
D-1.6 Screw H-1.12 Main And Auxiliary Lever Assy
D-2 Fan Cover H-1.13 Stoper, Brake
D-3 Screw H-1.14 Rivet
E-1 Fuel Tank Cap Assy H-1.15 Screw
E-2 Fuel Tank Assy H-1.16 Brake Band
E-2.1 Big Buffer H-1.17 Brake Spring
E-2.2 Main Buffer H-1.18 Brake Spring cover
E-2.3 Ventilation Valve for fuel tank H-1.19 Screw
E-2.4 Valve Block H-1.20 Chip Guide Rubber Block
E-2.5 Main Buffer 2 H-1.21 Pin
E-2.6 Fuel Tank H-2 Brake Positioning Sleeve
E-2.7 trigger Shaft H-3 Spiked Bumper
E-2.8 Throttle Spring H-4 Screw
E-2.9 Throttle trigger H-5 Chain Block
E-2.1 Throttle Interlock Arm H-6 Chain Guide
E-2.11 Control Arm Torsion Spring H-7 Oil outlet  plate
E-2.12 Throttle trigger Pin H-8 Circlip 4
E-3 Fuel Hose H-9 Adjustment Screw
E-4 Fuel Filter H-10 Adjustment Nut
E-5 Throttle Rod Spring H-11 Nut
E-6 Screw H-12 Screw
E-7 Adjusting Guide Sleeve

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