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070 Serie Chainsaw Parts

Sourced from leading suppliers, CRAFTOP 070 serie chainsaw spare parts offers comparable quality to top chainsaw brands.
Inherrited from CrNiMo Germany technology, the saw chain blades of CRAFTOP 070 serie are very sharp and wear-resistant. We have different typs of saw blades, either round or square tooth, each chainsaw tooth is seamlessly fixed in its gauch, preventing skip and breakage.
The CRAFTOP guide bar of 070 series chainsaws is made of special alloy-steel, well finished by complex welding process and thus of super hardness and tolerance to against head-breakage.
Made of special CnMoTi alloy steel, the CRAFTOP crankshaft is well treated by our new heat treatment processes, stronger and tougher than peers in the markets.
As the key part of the engine, the CRAFTOP cylinder is of high strength, small deformation, outstanding heat dissipation, excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, ensuring the entire engine's performance.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A1 Crankcase Assy
A19 Crankshaft-old
B2 Cylinder Assy
B5-8 Piston Assy
B16 Spark Plug
B20 Muffler
D3-20 Ignition Coil
D21 Magnetor Flywheel
D23 Fanwheel
D28 Rotor
E13+14 Chain Sprocket
E17-19 Clutch Assy
E24 Chain Sprocket
E34/35 Sprocket System
F1-17 Oil Pump
F22-29 Oil Tank Cover
G25-40 Top Cover Assy
H1-39 Carburetor
J1-12 Rear Handle
C1-12 Starter Assy 070

Other Spare Parts

A1 A1 Crankcase Assy (Al) E32 E32 Fuel Tank Cover With Screws And Gaskets-Al
A3 A3 Stud Fuel Tank Cover E32 Only-Al
A10 A10 Oil Line E32 Fuel Tank Cover With Screws And Gaskets-Mg
A11 A11 Crankcase Bearing E33 E33 Screw
A14 A14 Washer E34,35 E34, E35 Sprocket System
A15 A15 Needle Bearing E35 E35 Sprocket Rim 404-7, Color Box
A17 A17 Oil Seal E35 Sprocket Rim 404-7
A19 A19 Crankshaft E35 Sprocket Rim 404-8
A20 A20 Gasket E36-37 E36-37 Chain Catcher With Screm
A21-24 A21-24 Fuel Filler Cap F1-17 F1-17 Oil Pump
A24 A24 O Ring F5 F5 Plunger With Diaphragm
A50 A50 Oil Tube F19 F19 Hose
A51 A51 Sealing F20 F20 Oil Pick-Up Body
A52 A52 Hollow Screw F19-20 F19-20 Hose And Oil Pick Up Body
A64 A64 Crankshaft Bearing F23-24 F23-24 Washer+Oil Inspection Window
B1b B1 Needle Cage (Piston Breaing) F27 F27 Circlip
B2 B2 Cylinder Assy Chrome Plated F25-27 F25-27 Thrust Bolt Kit
B2 B2 Cylinder Assy Ceremic Plated ( 13 Teeth /14 Teeth /14 Teeth Strong) White F22-29 F22-29 Oil Tank Cover-Mg
B3 B3 Stud F22-29 Oil Tank Cover-Alu
B4 B4 Stud F28-29 F28-29 Oil Filler Cap
B6 B6 Compression Ring 2Pc/Plastic Box F30 F30 Saw Dust Guard
B5-8 B5-8 Piston Assy F31 F31 Protective Plate
B5-8 Piston Assy (Pt Type) F33 F33 Gasoline Filter Tube
B15 B15 Socket Head Screw F34 F34 Gasoline Filter Tube Joint
B16 B16 Spark Plug F35 F35 Hose
B17 B17 Spark Plug Terminal F33-37 F33-37 Fuel Filter With Hose(Black/Red)
B18 B18 Torsion Spring F36,37 F36, F37 Pick Up Body
B19 B19 Exhaust Gasket-Best G1-9 G1-9 Screw
B19 Exhaust Gasket-Paper G4 G4 Governor Shaft
B19 Exhaust Gasket-Iron G5 G5 Governor Rod
B20 B20 Muffler G6 G6 Hook-On Spring
B21 B21 Cover G8 G8 Wind Vane
B22 B22 Locking Plate G9 G9 Pan Head Screw
B23 B23 Hexagon Head Screw G10 G10 Gasket
B24 B24 Angle Bracket G11 G11 Cooling Plate
B25 B25 Pan Head Screw G12 G12 Intermediate Flange
C1 C1 Starter Cover Only (Al) G15 G15 Bushing
C1 Starter Cover Only (Plastic) G17 G17 Collar Nut
C5 C5 Rewind Spring G18 G18 Strap
C7, C10-12 Rope Pulley G19 G19 Filter Gasket
C8 C8 Starter Rope G20 G20 Intake Elbow
C9 C9 Grip G21 G21 Hexagon Head Screw
C10 C10 Pawl G22 G22 Short Support
C11 C11 Washer G23,24 G23, G24 Lock Washer+Socket Head Screw
C12 C12 Spring Clip G25 G25 Sealing Ring
C1-12 C1-12 Starter Assy-Al G27 G27 Stud
C1-12 Starter Assy-Mg G29 G29 Clamping Piece
C1-12 Starter Assy-Plastic G31 G31 Choke Rod
C10-12 C10-12 Pawl, Washer, Spring, Plastic Pawl G32-33 G32-33 Air Filter
D1/A7 D1/A7 Grommet D1 G35-36 G35-36 Nut & Washer
D2 D2 Washer G37-39 G37-39 Button, Spring & Washer
D3 D3 Flywheel Magneto G25-40 G25-40 Top Cover Assy-Plastic
D4 D4 Ignition Coil G25-40 Top Cover Assy-Mg
D3-20 D3-20 Coil Complete Assy G25-40 Top Cover Assy-Al
D5 D5 Pan Head Screw G40 G40 Top Cove (Name Plate)
D6 D6 Set Of Points-Flat H1-39 H1-39 Carburetor
D8 D8 Spring Washer H3 H3 Choke Shutter
D9-10 D9-10 Condensor H9 H9 Carburetor Daighram
D13-14 D13-14 Ground Lead H16 H16 Idle Adjustment Screw
D15 D15 Ignition Lead 100M/Roll H29 H29 Main Adjustment Screw
D16 D16 Grommet H16-29 H16-29 Carburetor Parts
D17 D17 Wick H20-21 H20-21 Idle Speed Regulating Screw&Spring
D18 D18 Dust Cap H22 H22 Inlet Needle Valve
D19 D19 Plug H24-28 H24-28 Carburetor Parts
D20 D20 Pan Head Screw H34 H34 Throttle Shaft With Lever
D21 D21 Magnetor Flywheel H37 H37 Lens Head Screw
D22 D22 Pan Head Screw H38 H38 Torsion Spring
D23 D23 Fanwheel H39 H39 Throttle Shutter
D24 D24 Pan Head Screw H34-39 H34-39 Throttle Shaft With Lever Assy-Cs
D25 D25 Bushing J1-12 J1-12 Rear Handle
D28 D28, D21B Rotor J5 J5 Throttle trigger
D29 D29 Puller-New J8 J8 Hook On Spring
D30 D30 Puller-Old J9 J9 Lever
E2 E2 Strainer Flange J11 J11 Hook-On Spring
E5-6 E5-6 Rubber Cap&Seat J13 J13 Long Support
E7-8 E7-8 Adjusting Nut,Chain Adjusting Screw J14 J14 Pan Head Screw
E12,16,20 E12, E16, E20 Washer Set (3Pc/Set) J16 J16 Hexagonal Nut
E10 E10 Inner Guide Plate J15-17 J15-17 Stop Switch
E11 E11 Bar Bolt-Nomal J18 J18 Grommet
E11 Bar Bolt-Extra J20 J20 Throttle Rod
E12 E12 Cover Plate J21-22 J21-22 Front Handle-Iron
E13,14 E13, E14 Chain Sprocket J21-22 Front Handle-Alu
E15 E15 Spieth Adapter Sleeve J24 J24 Clamping Collar
E16 E16 Washer J23 J23 Rubber Bushing
E17 E17 Spider-New J23-24 J23-24 Rubber Bushing & Clamping Colar
E17 Spider-Old J23/24/J32 J23, J24, J32 Rubber Bushing & Clamping Colar
E17+18+19 E17-19 Clutch Assy-Old J23/24/J33 J23, J24, J33 Rubber Bushing & Clamping Colar
10000000 E17-19 Clutch Assy-New J25 J25 Hexagon Head Screw
E20 E20 Washer-Big J26,27,28 J26-28 Countersunk Screw & Thrust Washer & Retaining Nut Vm6
E21 E21 Sprocket Bearing-Metal J29 J29 Pan Head Screw
E21 Sprocket Bearing-Plastic J34 Long Clip
E22 E22 Ring-Old L25 L25 Plug Spanner, White
E22 E22 Ring-New L26 L26 Wrench
E23 E23 Hexagonal Nut Left L27 L27 Locking Screw-Iron
E24 E24 Chain Sprocket Cover-Mg 10000 L27 Locking Screw-Plastic
E24 Chain Sprocket Cover-Alu L28 L28 Allen Key
E25 E25 Spiked Bumper(Hook) 2Pc/Set L32 L32 Saw File 5.5
E26 E26 Hexagon Head Screw Z1 Z1 Gasket Complete Set
E27 E27 Retaining Nut Vm6 070 Carburetor Repair Kits
E10,E28 E10, E28 Inner&Outter Guide Plate Modified Pieces
E30 E30 Hexagon Nut 36″ Guide Bar
E31 E31 Gasket Saw Chain  404″,0.063″ 100Feet/Roll
Saw Chain  404″,0.063″ 100Feet/Roll With Line

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