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Gasoline Chain saw NT4552 with 16”-20” Bar Length, Semi-Professional Wood Cutting Tools

Compliant with European CE safety standards, ensuring performance reliability
Important parts sourced from top-tier suppliers, offering quality comparable to leading chainsaw brands at a more affordable price.
Aviation-grade aluminum alloy box for precision and durability
German 68CrNiMo wear-resistant alloy chain blades for sharpness and toughness
High-quality nylon reinforcements in plastic accessories for heat and cold resistance
Perfect power and speed matching for improved working efficiency, reaching up to 8000rpm
Responsive braking system with 0.14-second stopping time, exceeding safety standards
Precise engine debugging for stable operation in various conditions, avoiding stalling and difficult starts
Superior shock absorption with handle vibration level (Ahv) of 4.5M.S², the lightest vibration chain saw machine on the market


● Ultimate Power: Experience the unmatched power of the CRAFTOP gasoline chainsaw, featuring a robust 45cc displacement engine that delivers a maximum power of 2.5hp/8000RPM and a maximum torque of 2.4N.m. This powerhouse is the perfect choice for your yard gardening and wilderness logging needs.

● Reliability Tested: Rest assured with the CRAFTOP chainsaw’s engine passing rigorous 300-hour testing, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability under various demanding conditions.

● German Precision Blade: Crafted with the finest 68CrNiMo wear-resistant alloy material sourced from Germany, the chain blade offers exceptional sharpness and durability, significantly improving cutting efficiency for your gasoline saw.

● Ergonomic Design: The CRAFTOP gasoline chainsaw’s front and rear handle design, combined with an enhanced anti-slip cover, provides a comfortable grip and effortless operation, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

● Superior Vibration Control: Experience reduced vibrations with the CRAFTOP chainsaw’s well-tuned shock absorption system, boasting an impressive handle vibration level (Ahv) of 4.5M.S², surpassing similar gasoline saws in its class.

● Convenient Features: Equipped with handy tools conveniently located at the bottom of the chainsaw, ensuring easy access and enhanced usability. The semi-transparent fuel tank includes an observation window, allowing you to monitor fuel consumption effortlessly.

● Certified Safety: The CRAFTOP chainsaw adheres to European CE safety standards, guaranteeing optimal safety in every aspect. Its braking performance surpasses the requirements set by CE standards, providing you with peace of mind during operation.


Product Name Chain saw
Model Name NT4552
Power Type 2 stroke, Air Cooling
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke 43*31mm
Displacement 45cc
Power & Relevant Speed 1.7kW/7500rpm
Fuel Mixture Ratio 25:1
Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml
Engine Oil Tank Capacity 260ml
Guide Bar Size 16″-20″
Chain Pitch .325″/3/8″
Chain Gauge .050″/.058″
G.W. / N.W. 6.5kg/5.1kg
Package Dimension 480×260×300mm
Application Type Semi-Professional
Max Output Power 1.7kW/80000rpm

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Q       What should I do before starting the chain saw and after finishing work?
A       Before starting the chain saw, allow it to run at low speed for a few minutes, ensuring that the saw chain is lubricated with oil. During work, the accelerator can be set to high speed. After finishing a tank of oil, it is recommended to rest for about 10 minutes. After work, clean the chain saw’s heat sink for proper heat dissipation.
Q       How often should I clean the air filter of the chain saw?
A       The air filter of the chain saw should be dedusted every 25 hours. If needed, you can clean it yourself. The foam filter element can be cleaned using washing liquid or gasoline, followed by rinsing with clean water. Squeeze it dry, soak it in engine oil, and then install it after removing excess oil.
Q       What should I pay attention to when using a new chainsaw?
A       When using a new chainsaw, ensure that the saw chain is properly tightened so that it can rotate when pushed. Hold the chainsaw with the guide teeth parallel to the guide plate. After a few minutes of use, carefully observe and repeat this process several times.
Q       What could be the issue if the gasoline chainsaw experiences problems like refueling and flameout, decreased performance, or overheating?
A       If the gasoline chainsaw exhibits issues such as refueling and flameout, decreased performance, or overheating, it is usually a problem with the filter. Before starting work, check the filter. A clean and qualified filter should appear thorough and bright when observed under sunlight. If the filter is not clean enough, it should be washed with hot soapy water and dried to ensure normal chainsaw operation.
Q       How can I maintain the sharpness of the saw teeth on the chainsaw?
A       When the saw teeth become un-sharp, use a special file to sharpen the cutting teeth of the saw chain. File in the direction of the cutting teeth, not in the opposite direction. Maintain an angle of around 30° between the file and the chain saw chain for optimal results.
Q       Should I add chain saw oil before using the chainsaw? Why?
A       Yes, it is recommended to add chain saw oil before using the chainsaw. This provides lubrication to the chain saw, reduces frictional heat between the saw chain and guide plate, and protects both the guide plate and the chain saw chain from premature failure.



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Jonathan Blackmore

“This is my NT6210. We are just out of one of the worst storms in living memory here in Ireland. This saw worked for 3 days almost 8 hours a day. My first comment is this saw is very well balanced and constructed. My second comment is it is very economical on fuel. Very happy to recommend this saw to anyone who asks me. Blade is holding its edge very well. Craftop is the Toyota of chainsaws.”

Imposur Perú

New Business Development Director

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

Yorvenys Sánchez - Verechi Panama

General Manager

“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”