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NTB520D Brush Cutter Parts

Craftop NTB520D spare parts are precision machined for durability and high quality:
Engine and crankshaft body: Made of lightweight aluminum alloy material, CNC machining ensures accuracy.
Plastic material: Grade nylon reinforcement for thermal resistance and physical strength.
Ignition system: Easy Start within minutes; labor-saving operation.
U-shaped handlebar: Ergonomic design with 90° rotation for easy retraction. Even load distribution on both arms.
Cutting rod: Professional thickened shock absorber sleeve that minimizes vibration transmission and provides comfortable operation.
Gearbox: High precision manufacturing with strict tolerance control. It can service over 200 hours.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

1.Connection Plate Assembly (bright silver) 26 or 28
2.Passive Disc Welding (nine teeth or seven teeth)
3.Strap Combination (shoulder hard shell)
4.Two-Section Handle Assembly
5.Stihl Handlebar Assembly
6.Gearbox Assembly (bright silver) (26 or 28) (9 teeth)
7.Turfing Head Assembly (rope type)
8.Three-Tooth Blade
8.Two-Tooth Blade
1.Starter Assembly (easy start+normal startup)
2. Gasket Assembly
3. Crankshaft Connecting Rod Assembly
4.Cylinder and Piston Group
5.Spark Plug
6. Carburetor
7.Air Filter Assembly
8. Silencer
9.Ignition Assembly
11.Clutch Assembly
12.Oil Can Assembly

Other Spare Parts

A  Crankcase & Cylinder E   Housing Assy System
Code Part Name Code Part Name
A1 Rear Crankcase E1 Cylinder Cover
A2 Oil Seal(S) E2 Screw, Crankcase
A3 Ball Bearing E3 Inlet Fuel Pipe
A4 Gasket, Crankcase E4 Return Fuel Pipe
A5 Oil Seal(S) E5 Grommet, Fuel Pipe
A6 Pin E6 Fuel Filter
A7 Front Crankcase E7 Fuel Tank Assy
A8 Screw, Crankcase E8 Screw, Crankcase
A9 Crankshaft E9 Guard, Fuel Tank
A10 Woodruff Key E10 Screw, Crankcase
A11 Needle Bearing, Piston F   Tube&Shaft Assy
A12 Piston Assy Code Part Name
A13 Circlip F1 Clutch Housing Assy
A14 Piston F2 Screw, Crankcase
A15 Piston Pin F3 Screw, Crankcase
A16 Piston Rings F4 Screw, Crankcase
A17 Gasket, Cylinder F5 Hook Clamp
A18 Cylinder F6 Buffer Sleeve(Luxury)
A19 Screw, Crankcase F7 Drive Shaft
B   Ignition Assy F8 Tube Set
Code Part Name F9 Oil Bearings
B1 Flywheel F10 Tube (matte)
B2 Spark Plug F11 Deflector Seat
B3 Ignition Coil(Mitsubishi) F12 Screw, Crankcase
B4 Screw, Crankcase F13 Gearbox Assy
B5 Nut, Flywheel F14 Deflector Assy
B6 Washer, Clutch F15 Deflector
B7 Clutch F16 Screw, Crankcase
B8 Wave Washer F17 Deflector Skirt
B9 Bolt, Clutch F18 Blade
B10 Pin F19 Screw, Crankcase
B11 Fan Cover G    U-Handle Assy
B12 Screw, Crankcase Code Part Name
B13 Screw, Crankcase G1 Screw, Control Handle
B14 Nut, Flywheel G2 Control Handle, R
B15 Starter Cup Assy G3 Interlock trigger
B16 Pawl G4 Control Handle, L
B17 Torsion Spring G5 ON/OFF Switch
B18 Cup Body G6 Screw, Control Handle
B19 E-clip G7 Screw, Control Handle
C   Intake & Exhaust System G8 Left Handle, R
Code Part Name G9 Left Handle, L
C1 Muffler G10 U-Handle Seat(Luxury)
C2 Screw, Crankcase G11 Knob
C3 Screw, Crankcase G12 Washer, Knob
C4 Gasket, Muffler G13 Upper Clamp
C5 Screw, Crankcase G14 Bottom Clamp
C6 Support, Gasket G15 Clamp Spring
C7 Gasket, Monifold G16 Clamp Support
C8 Monifold G17 Nut, Flywheel
C9 Screw, Crankcase G18 Bottom Holder
C10 Gasket, Carburetor G19 Screw, Crankcase
C11 Carburetor G20 Throttle Cable
C12 carburetor Cover G21 STOP Wire
C13 Choke Shutter G22 Cable Wave Hose
C14 Sleeve G23 C-Clip
C15 Filter Housing G24 Tube, U-Handle
C16 Baffle Plate, Choke G25 Self-tightening Locknut
C17 Screw, Crankcase G26 Torsion Spring, Throttle Trigger
C18 Air filter G27 Throttle Trigger
C19 #N/A H   Cutting Parts
C20 Filter Cover Code Part Name
C21 #N/A H1 Trust Plate
C22 Fuel Ex. Hose H2 Trimmer Head Assy
D   Starter Assy H3 Housing, Trimmer Head
Code Part Name H4 Cutting Line Guide
D1 Starter Assy H5 Spring, Trimmer Head
D2 Starter Cover H6 Upper Over
D3 Bushing H7 Cutting Line Reel
D4 Rope H8 Nylon Cutting Line
D5 Grip, Starter H9 Bottom Cover
D6 Grip Cover, Starter H10 3-T Blade
D7 Return Spring H11 Trust Washer
D8 Pulley, Starter H12 Guard, Gearbox
D9 Buffer Spring H13 Nut, Flywheel
D10 Starter Reel
D11 Washer
D12 Screw, Crankcase
D13 Screw, Crankcase

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