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GS768 Sprayer Parts

Maximize the performance of your GS768 Gasoline Knapsack Sprayer with premium CRAFTOP replacements:
Sprayer's Engine Assembly: Quality cylinders, gaskets, crankshafts, piston assemblies, spark plugs, mufflers, and stators for optimal performance.
Fuel System Assembly: Fuel tank assemblies, screens, tubes, and more to maintain a top-notch fuel system.
Backpack Sprayer Gun Assembly: Efficient dusting plates, impellers, misting plate assemblies, hoses, clips, and nozzle assemblies.
Other Assemblies: Starter, body, and various spare parts for comprehensive coverage.
Choose from ceramic-plated or chrome-plated cylinders, reflecting our advanced production technology and strict quality control.

Exploded View Of The Whole Machine

Important Spare Parts

A10 Crankshaft Assy
A17 Starter Assy
A23 Piston Assy
B7 Muffler
B9 Cylinder
B16 Carburetor
B19 Air Filter Assy
C1 Flywheel Assy
C3 Igniter Assy
C10 Clutch Assy
D1 Oil Pot Assy
E12 Strap
F11-19 Throttle Switch Assy
F21 Piston Pump
G1 High Pressure Pipe
G3+4+8+9 Spray Gun Combo
G5 Ball Valve Switch
H19 Clutch Drum
J1 Plunger
J17 Outlet Connection Pipe

Other Spare Parts

A-1 Screw F-20 Throttle Cable
A-2 Heat Shield F-21 Piston Pump
A-3 Screw F-22 Circlip
A-4 Large Box F-23 Water Inlet Pipe
A-5 Crankcase Gasket F-24 Circlip
A-6 Cylindrical Pin G-1 High Pressure Pipe 1.5M
A-7 Bearing G-2 Set Of Nozzle
A-8 Oil Seal G-3 Three Hole Nozzle
A-9 Half Round Key G-4 Boom Combination
A-10 Crankshaft Connecting Rod Assembly G-5 Ball Valve Switch
A-11 Bearing G-6 Grip O-Ring
A-12 Oil Seal G-7 Handle
A-13 Small Box G-7 Handle
A-14 Start Dial Assembly G-8 90Cm Straight Gun
A-15 Screw G-9 60Cm Straight Gun
A-16 Screw Flat Washers G-10 Nozzle, 2 Head Metal
A-17 Starter Assembly G-11 Nozzle, 4 Head Ring
A-18 Sheave (Type D Normal Start) G-12 Nozzle, 3 Head Metal
A-19 Start Coil Spring G-13 Nozzle, 2 Head Plastic
A-20 Start Hood G-14 Switch O-Ring
A-21 Screw H-1 Shock-Absorbing Foot
A-22 Screw H-2 With Plastic Self-Locking Nut
A-23 Piston Combination H-3 O-Ring
A-24 Piston Ring H-4 Oil Drain Screw
A-25 Piston H-5 Cylindrical Pin
A-26 Piston Pin H-6 Needle Roller Bearings
A-27 Needle Roller Bearing H-7 Gear Shaft (Small)
A-28 Piston Circlip H-8 Bearing
A-29 Gasket Assembly H-9 Bearing
B-1 Cylinder Cover Assembly H-10 Bearing
B-2 Screw H-11 Hexagonal Sealing Paper Pad
B-3 Air Filter Cover Knob H-12 Eccentric Gear Shaft (Large)
B-4 Air Filter Cover H-13 Bearing
B-5 Air Filter Cotton H-14 Hexagon Bolt
B-6 Screw H-15 Gearbox Cover
B-7 Silencer H-16 O-Ring
B-8 Muffler Gasket H-17 Plunger Sleeve (Seal Sleeve)
B-9 Cylinder H-18 Sealing Sleeve Oil Seal
B-10 Cylinder Gasket H-19 Clutch Drum
B-11 Spark Plug I-1 Cross Hexagon Bolt
B-12 Intake Pipe Gasket I-2 Gasket
B-13 Intake Pipe I-3 Gasket
B-14 Screw I-4 Gearbox Cover
B-15 Carburetor Gasket I-5 O-Ring
B-16 Carburetor I-6 Cross Hexagon Bolt
B-17 Air Filter Assembly I-7 Single Head Of Water Outlet
B-18 Air Filter Inner Cover I-8 O-Ring
B-19 Screw I-9 Seat (Stainless Steel)
B-20 Screw I-10 Regulator Body (Copper)
C-1 Flywheel Assembly I-11 Cross Hexagon Bolt
C-2 Nut I-12 Steel Ball
C-3 Igniter Assembly I-13 Spring Holder
C-4 Screw I-14 Pressure Regulating Spring
C-5 Clutch Gasket I-15 Pressure Regulator Stem
C-6 Clutch I-16 Return Water Connector
C-7 Wave Washers I-17 O-Ring
C-8 Screw Shaft I-18 Pressure Regulating Nut
C-9 Shell Aluminum Parts I-19 Pressure Regulating Wheel
C-10 Screw I-20 Flat Washers
C-11 Clutch Assembly I-21 Lock Nut
D-1 Oil Pot Assembly I-22 Seal
D-2 Gasoline Filter I-23 Oil Screw
D-3 Shock-Absorbing Foot I-24 O-Ring
D-4 Oil Tube Seat I-25 Gearbox Seat
D-5 Oil Outlet I-26 Plunger Oil Seal
D-6 Inlet Pipe I-27 O-Ring
D-7 Oiler I-28 Platen
D-8 Oil Pot Cover Assembly I-29 Gland
D-9 Screw I-30 Adjustment Ring
D-10 Power Stand I-31 Oil Ring
D-11 With Plastic Self-Locking Nut I-32 V Type (Rubber)
D-12 Flat Washer I-33 Black Rubber Hose
D-13 M5*22 I-34 Support Ring
E-1 Medicine Bucket Lid I-35 Clamp (Circlip)
E-2 Intake Plug I-36 Butter Cup
E-3 Medicine Bucket Lid Seal I-37 Inlet Connector
E-4 Inlet Filter I-38 Cylinder Single Head
E-5 Outlet Filter I-39 Valve Assembly
E-6 Medicine Keg I-40 Four-Way Double Head
E-7 Circlip I-41 Hexagon Bolt
E-8 Return Pipe I-42 Plug
E-9 Circlip J-1 Plunger
E-10 Drain Cover Gasket J-2 Plunger Oil Seal
E-11 Drain Cover J-3 O-Ring
E-12 Strap J-4 Platen
E-12 Strap J-5 Gland (Copper)
F-1 Back Pad J-6 Oil Ring (Copper)
F-2 Self-Tapping Screw J-7 V Type (Rubber)
F-3 Flat Head Screw J-8 Adjustment Ring
F-4 Chassis J-9 Support Ring
F-5 Self-Locking Nut J-10 Cylinder Double Head
F-6 Flat Washer J-11 Valve Assembly
F-7 Hexagon Head Bolt J-12 Butter Cup
F-8 Flat Washer J-13 Cross Hexagon Bolt
F-9 Self-Locking Nut J-14 Plug
F-10 Hexagon Head Bolt J-15 Four-Way Single Hole
F-11 Kill Switch Nut J-16 Hexagon Bolt
F-12 Flameout Switch Red Wire J-17 Outlet Connection Pipe
F-13 Self-Locking Nut J-18 Water Outlet Double Head
F-14 Throttle Cable Bracket K-1 Service Tool Kit
F-15 Flameout Switch K-2 Bag, Tool
F-16 Flameout Switch Cover K-3 Spanner
F-17 Throttle Switch K-4 Hex Key
F-11-19 Throttle Switch Assembly K-5 Hex Key
F-18 Flat Washer K-6 Wrench
F-19 Cross Pan Head Screw

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