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Our air blowers require constant maintenance by users. Below, we show you the processes needed for the machine to obtain the maximum performance of the tool:

• Clean external surfaces regularly.

• Examines rev and throttle trim functions. If any of the parts are damaged, just replace them.

• Check the stop button, and if required, replace it.

• Examine the moderation regime. This should be adjusted with the moderation screw (T) until the motor runs smoothly in all positions.

• Clean the air filter; if it is too dirty, remove it and clean it with soap and water. If it is already too dirty, use a new one.

• Make sure the intake cover can be locked in the closed position and check that the impeller is clean and in top condition.

• Check that all nuts and bolts are in good condition and well secured.

• Periodically register that the air blower casings do not show cracks, damage, or defects.

• If the blower has an integrated bag, ensure it is in optimal condition and appropriately handled.