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GS768 Gasoline Knapsack Sprayer

CRAFTOP GS768 sprayer is capable for long-distance and high-altitude spraying: The 90cm straight gun can cover a range of 12 meters away and 10 meters high.
Perfect match and super long life: matched with high-quality power pump to ensure stable and long-lasting spray effect.
Power stability: Strong power ensures consistent pump pressure.
Thickened copper pump: The plunger life is up to 100 hours, far exceeding similar products.
Applicable to multiple scenarios: Suitable for various purposes such as agriculture, health and epidemic prevention, and post-disaster environmental disinfection.


Imagine standing in a field, holding a sprayer that effortlessly covers plants near and far. That’s the ultimate experience with the CRAFTOP GS768 Sprayer! Equipped with a 90cm lance, it reaches up to 12m with precision, even spraying at heights of 10m. For shorter plants, the specially designed three-nozzle gun ensures every corner is evenly cared for.

We understand the importance of quality, which is why the CRAFTOP GS768 is perfectly matched with a high-quality power pump, ensuring extended lifespan. Its powerful stability maintains consistent pump pressure, delivering continuous and stable spraying performance. Moreover, our thickened copper pump and piston have a lifespan of up to 100 hours, surpassing similar products.

Whether you’re an agricultural worker or a sanitation professional, the CRAFTOP GS768 Sprayer is an indispensable tool. It supports crop protection against diseases, pests, and weeds in various scenarios. Additionally, it serves sanitation and disinfection needs, ensuring your safety in post-disaster environments.

Choose CRAFTOP for reliability and efficiency. Let our product empower you to create a brighter future!


Product Name Gasoline Sprayer
Model Name GS-768
Used model name NT768
Picure GS768
EAN code 1534250000101
Use: Full-time/Partial/Ocassional Full-time
Engine stroke type 2 stroke
Cylinder displacement (cc) 26cc
Power output (kW/hp/rpm) 0.75kW/1hp/7500rpm
Max engine speed (rpm) 7500rpm
Carburetor type Diaphragm
Adjustable carburetor
Easy start
Visible fuel level
Air fan
Quick-release air filter cover
Quick-release air filter
Air filter (paper/plastic/foam) Foam
Choke look to start
Fuel tank capacity (L) 1L
Fuel mixture ratio (gasoline:two-cycle oil) 40:1
Sound pressure level at operator’s ear(dB(A))* 98dB
Sound power level guaranteed((LWA) dB(A))* 85(LWA) dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level(ahv,eq)handle(m/s²)**
Weight (kg) 10kg
Chemist tank capacity (L) 25L
Sprayer capacity (only liquid/ liquid+powder) Liquid
Max air flow (m³/h)
Max air speed (kW/h)
Spraying horizontal range (m) 15m
Spraying vertical max height (m)
Hose nozzle type
Box size (mm) 410x330x650mm
Box weight (kg) 11kg
Units container 20/40/40HQ (PCS) 773pcs(40HQ)

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Q       Are you having trouble starting your gasoline sprayer?
A       To begin the start-up process, fill the fuel tank with a 50:1 fuel mix. We recommend using Craftop Brand Oil the proper fuel mix ratio. Here is a link for a correct mix of oil and gasoline. The priming bulb is located towards the bottom of the carburetor. Pump the bulb 5-7 times until fuel begins to flow through the fuel pipes. Position the choke upright on a cold start (first start – right out of the box). Set the throttle to 50%. Pull the recoil starter 3-5 times to get the engine to start. Push the choke down once you hear the engine flutter (turn over). Set the throttle to 50%. To start the engine, pull the recoil starter. Allow the engine to warm up for 1-2 minutes at low throttle.
Q       How should you rinse your gasoline backpack sprayer?
A       Fill the tank halfway with fresh water. Then, pump the handle while holding the trigger wand open to spray out everything in the tank. Pump the handle a few dozen times while keeping the trigger open.
Q       When and how often should I clean my gasoline sprayer?
A       After each usage, your sprayer should be drained and cleaned. It is normally acceptable to leave the product in the sprayer if you intend to spray again later that day or the next day. If you are not going to spray again for at least a day or two, you will need to drain the tank. You should triple-rinse your sprayer after draining the tank. This entails flushing the system three times with fresh water to remove as much chemical residue as possible.
Q       What is a gasoline sprayer?
A       It is a useful and effective device for protecting plants from diseases and pests; it is ideal for plantations, cultivated fields, gardens, and parks.



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Jonathan Blackmore

“This is my NT6210. We are just out of one of the worst storms in living memory here in Ireland. This saw worked for 3 days almost 8 hours a day. My first comment is this saw is very well balanced and constructed. My second comment is it is very economical on fuel. Very happy to recommend this saw to anyone who asks me. Blade is holding its edge very well. Craftop is the Toyota of chainsaws.”

Imposur Perú

New Business Development Director

“Craftop has allowed us to give back to thousands of families the sense of progress and self-realization, giving them powerful, reliable machinery they can depend on.”

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“Craftop is high-quality equipment, preferred by customers because they know its value guarantees them reliability for a long time. What the market least needs is disposable equipment. Our success has been thanks to Craftop.”